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Why work for LookFundings?

  • Values. We base our work, relationships, and decisions on the shared values of the team.

  • Projects. We work on a wide range of EU-funded projects, from scientific to social.

  • Clients. Our clients include local and international businesses, startups, and SMEs.

  • Processes. We organize our activities based on clear processes, and standards and involve all team members in their continuous improvement.

  • Team. We respect and value every member of our team, and we learn and grow together.

  • Reward. A transparent incentive system encourages you to exceed your goals, and above-market salaries make you feel dignified and confident.

Join us

We believe that with a good person and an expert on our team, there will always be an opportunity to create value together for our clients. So if you think we can do a lot together, please get in touch and we’ll explore the possibilities together. Well, if you would like to know more precisely what the open positions in our organisation look like, take a look at them below.


LookFundings is a team of funding professionals bonded by a dynamic and innovation-driven culture. We are trusted partners for improvers and innovators, serving as a one-stop shop for attracting EU Grant Funding.

To increase our delivery scope and client outreach, we are looking for an experienced grant proposal writer. You will be involved in a wide range of consulting assignments, typically in deep tech, health tech, engineering, IT, etc.  We are preferably looking for a full-time employee in presence or remote.

Get ready to:


  • Work with internal teams and clients to obtain an in-depth understanding of the product concept.

  • Provide accurate technical analysis of product feasibility.

  • Manage the relationships with the clients.

  • Develop and write winning proposals for EU Grant Funding schemes.

Join us if you have:

  • Successful track record in proposal writing for EU funding instruments.

  • Excellent project management skills in various industries.

  • Outstanding client relationship and team management competencies.

  • The ability to merge empathy and goal achievement into a smooth service delivery process.

Relevant competencies:


  • Master or PhD, preferably in engineering, computer science, biotech, etc.

  • Excellent writing and presentation skills in English (especially technology-related).

  • Business and/or research experience especially in biotech, health tech, ICT, and engineering sectors.

  • Product development roadmap planning, including the industrialization activities.

  • Business acumen and entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Good social skills and ability to interact with clients and project stakeholders in a client-oriented way.

  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to challenge clients and their assumptions.

  • Ability to prioritize and attention to detail.

Salary (gross) depending on seniority experience: from 3000 € / month.

Please send us your CV with a track record description to

If you have any questions, call us at +370 649 17853.


Send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly


If you have any questions or cannot find suitable funding for your idea/business - contact us.

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