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Explore our suite of services in unlocking funding opportunities for your business or project. We genuinely care about helping you find the right financing options and guiding you through the application process. Even if you haven't found the perfect funding match yet or are uncertain about the application process, our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way. From personalized consultations and application support guidance to maximize your chances of securing the funding you need for your business or project. 

Identification of Funding Opportunities

Our primary goal is to align our clients with the most suitable funding opportunities tailored to their business objectives. Our dedicated team consistently monitors a variety of funding institutions and sources, ensuring we're up-to-date with the latest offerings. We then relay this valuable information to our clients at no cost.

Should you have specific preferences regarding EU funding, please communicate with us through email or schedule an online consultation. We're here to guide and assist you.



Ongoing Project Support

Once your proposal gets the funding, our attention turns to making sure the project runs smoothly. Our experienced team manages all the administrative, financial, and legal details. We ensure everything is delivered on time, from reports to key outcomes. We also coordinate meetings with EU bodies and handle the promotion of your project's achievements. You do not need to worry about managing activities, leave it to us.





Proposal Writing

We offer expert guidance on European projects tailored to our clients' visions. Our services include the entire proposal process, from initial scoping to document preparation: administrative, technical, and commercial documentation, effective communication of outcomes, evaluations of societal impacts, and meticulous attention to legal and financial details.



Partners matchmaking

Some EU funding opportunities necessitate applying as a consortium, often involving SMEs, universities, or industrial partners. Locating the right partners can be time-consuming. Fortunately, with our vast database of entities eager to join EU projects, we're here to streamline this process for you.


Salumentis OG Attila Kelemen.jpeg

Attila Kelemen,
Co-founder and CEO of Salumentis OG

"Working with LookFundings was an efficient and focused journey. They quickly identified an EU funding opportunity that fit our project idea perfectly. Their team's ability to distill our complex sustainability goals into a clear and compelling proposal was outstanding. Their focused approach and quick turnaround were crucial in navigating the competitive funding landscape. Thanks to LookFundings, our project is now on a path to making a real difference in environmental education and action."

Maria Lavithi Heroes Made.jpg

Maria Lavithi,
ounder and CEO of Heroes Made

"LookFundings’ team turned our ideas into a project proposal that was clear and perfectly aligned with the impact we wanted to make. Thanks to them, our dream for revolutionizing social-emotional learning is now a well-funded reality. Big shoutout to LookFundings – they’re the real deal in project writing and funding support!”


Specialized & Focused

We work with individuals, startups, and small-medium enterprises, it allows us to offer best-fitting grants for our clients

100% intensity

All our published funding calls have 100% funding intensities - you do not need to put your own money into the project

New grant opportunities

You will find constantly updated EU grant opportunities on our website

8+ years of experience

Experienced team of scientists and engineers, perfectly understand difficult project ideas of our customers

50 000 Eur - 500 000 Eur

Funding grant sizes you will typically find on our website

It's not a loan

It's grants, not loans, if you successfully implement the project, you do not need to give back money


Heroes Made.png



Send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly


If you have any questions or cannot find suitable funding for your idea/business - contact us.

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