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September 4, 2024

€300 000

Startup; SME



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The Fortissimo Plus (FFplus) project empowers European SMEs by integrating advanced computational capabilities to drive innovation and enhance competitiveness. It features two open call tracks: the Call for Business Experiments, aimed at addressing the uptake of High-Performance Computing (HPC) by SMEs, and the Call for Innovation Studies, which focuses on developing generative AI models using large-scale European HPC resources. The initiative seeks to fund projects that showcase the benefits of adopting HPC and AI technologies, supporting SMEs and start-ups in their digital transformation journeys. The FFplus project aims to fund multiple projects under these calls, promoting the use of HPC in various business challenges and enhancing generative AI capabilities in areas such as large language models, customized AI solutions, and innovative computational methods. The overarching goal is to demonstrate significant business impacts, including increased innovation potential, competitiveness, and successful AI model deployment across diverse sectors.

Eligibility Criterias:

Selected startups and SMEs will receive a grant of up to €200,000 for the Call for Business Experiments and up to €300,000 for the Call for Innovation Studies, which are non-diluting, meaning they do not require giving up equity in the company. This funding is intended to support the development and implementation of innovative HPC and generative AI solutions, including product development, market research, and pilot testing in real-world business and technological settings.

The grant also provides technical and business support through tailored workshops and mentorship, helping beneficiaries grow and scale their solutions. Regular evaluations will ensure projects meet predefined objectives and KPIs, such as increased innovation potential, business impact, and technological advancement. Additionally, tailored services will support the delivery and expansion of project activities, including technical guidance and resource optimization.

Funds are disbursed in multiple tranches based on the delivery of project reports and evaluations: an initial advance payment at the start of the project, followed by subsequent installments linked to the delivery of intermediate and final reports. All activities must comply with relevant data protection and ethical guidelines, particularly when involving sensitive data or advanced computational methods.

Projects under the Call for Business Experiments must address one of the following areas: numerical simulation, data analytics, AI integration, and other HPC applications that solve specific business challenges. Projects under the Call for Innovation Studies should focus on developing generative AI models, including large language models, customized AI solutions, and other advanced AI applications. Each solution must be rigorously tested and evaluated, and include a detailed project proposal outlining how it will meet the objectives and requirements of the selected challenge area.

Currently open EU Funding opportunities: 472

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Application preparation service 

  • Recommendations on EU Grant funding opportunities. Our team will help you to choose the best fitting EU Grant opportunity for your business goals;

  • Proposals for project ideas. We will help you to brainstorm project ideas that are innovative and promising;

  • Application preparation. You fill out a short questionnaire about what you want to achieve and we prepare all the necessary documents for winning the project application;

  • Project administration. You do your business and technical part of the project, we take care of project administration activities, including reporting and management activities.


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Attila Kelemen,
Co-founder and CEO of Salumentis OG

"Working with LookFundings was an efficient and focused journey. They quickly identified an EU funding opportunity that fit our project idea perfectly. Their team's ability to distill our complex sustainability goals into a clear and compelling proposal was outstanding. Their focused approach and quick turnaround were crucial in navigating the competitive funding landscape. Thanks to LookFundings, our project is now on a path to making a real difference in environmental education and action."

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Maria Lavithi,
ounder and CEO of Heroes Made

"LookFundings’ team turned our ideas into a project proposal that was clear and perfectly aligned with the impact we wanted to make. Thanks to them, our dream for revolutionizing social-emotional learning is now a well-funded reality. Big shoutout to LookFundings – they’re the real deal in project writing and funding support!”


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We work with individuals, startups, and small-medium enterprises, it allows us to offer best-fitting grants for our clients

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50 000 Eur - 5 000 000 Eur

Funding grant sizes you will typically find on our website

It's not a loan

It's grants, not loans, if you successfully implement the project, you do not need to give back money


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